Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for Authors

Dear Authors,

To submit your abstract and paper, you need to be registered for the conference using the registration link in the home page.

After registration, you will receive two e-mails: one will notify you for the successful registration account, the other will be about the created account for you at the conferences submission site: Keep the password given or change it with your own (recommended).

For both accounts you will have the same login name (your e-mail) and an initial password. You can change your password, but, please, remember that these are two separate systems. In case you forget your password, you can request another one.

STEP 1. Submit your Abstract

Before uploading your submission, please prepare your abstract in accordance with the Abstract template.

Then login on to submit your abstract. In the submission system click on Start new paper and accept the submission terms. When the form opens, you should follow following steps:

  • Type in the title.
  • Upload the Abstract file under Submission.
  • Select the section.
  • Skip Full paper file if you don’t have your article in its final form.
  • Fill in information about the authors.
  • Paste full abstract text in the Abstract field.
  • Click on the button Save draft.

Your Abstract will be reviewed by two reviewers in blind copy and within 2 weeks you will receive an e-mail with the reviewers’ comments. Please, follow the suggestions of reviewers (if any). When the status of your Abstract shows the word “Accept”, you are invited to participate with your paper at the conference.

STEP 2. Submit your Paper

Please, prepare your article following the final article template given.

File name should be as follows: #[number] full paper

Login on and submit your Paper. In the submission system click on your paper number or title, then click on Edit or Edit paper. Upload the Paper file under Full paper file. Click on Save Submission button.

Within 2 weeks after submission of your paper, you will receive an e-mail with the review results. Please, follow the suggestions/comments of reviewers (if any) and when the status of your Paper shows as “Accept”, that will mean that your Paper is accepted in the conference. Requirements for poster presentations are available here.